Sunday, October 21, 2012

Small Town Florida: Vero Beach, Stuart, and Carlin Park, Jupiter

The small towns of south Florida are quaint and offer shops, restaurants, entertainment, and architectural beauty.

Yesterday I took a ride that lasted most of the day to Vero Beach outlet mall to buy some cotton bras that I can't seem to get locally.

I prefer the Vero Beach mall to the nearby Sawgrass Mills outlets mall for several reasons:
First, Sawgrass Mills is noisy. Very noisy. There are lots of things for kids to do. On Friday, I saw a youngster almost flying using bungee cord-trampoline jumping. I probably would have been too dizzy too walk if I tried it, but it made me happy just to see his grins and antics.

Second, Sawgrass Mills is a hub of indoor corridors -- great for the Fort Lauderdale visitor who gets trapped in a hotel room on rainy days but not so great for a Floridian who would prefer to transverse outdoor walkways.
Third, it is skewed very young. At Vero Beach, music that appeals to my people, Boomers, was playing. It is easier to find clothing that interests me at Vero Beach.

Vero Outlets is nicely landscaped and a pleasure to walk. There is a free trolley for those who prefer to ride.

After that, I went into Vero Old Town to take some photos. Pictures are the property of Ordinary Gal and must be linked back to the site. They may be sold or otherwise used for your personal profit or that of your organization.

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