Sunday, October 21, 2012

Jupiter: Dappled Sunlight Through Canopy of Cypress Trees

The approach to Carlin Park in Jupiter, Florida, offers an outstanding canopy of cypress trees.

By this point in the drive, I had dawdled over where to eat so long that I created an impossible situation for myself.

In tourist towns and on the beach, one often pays for the view and quaintness, rather than the quality of the cuisine.

By this time, I wanted a hamburger, having consumed only two Dunkin' Donuts and an iced coffee all day. Well you know what they say -- America runs on Dunkin.

Since I've discovered how good the iced coffee is for half the price of Starbucks, I can't waste my money on the latter anymore.

I stopped in Delray Beach, another lovely small town voted in 2012 one of the most interesting small towns in the USA on Travel Channel.

It was crammed with couples from their 30s upward. Even so, I managed to find free parking.

By this time of a lovely busy Saturday evening, there were only two kinds of restaurants -- those that were crammed with couples and uncomfortable to eat in by myself or those that were empty and there suspected of bad food. Or else they'd be crowded, right?

I ended up grabbing some nachos at Moe's on Commercial Boulevard, bad food and not that cheap yet a satisfying end to a day in small-town South Florida.

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