Monday, December 19, 2016

Those Boys I Loved

Those boys with long legs and ready smiles and new beards

Those boys on the cusp of manhood, already there but too busy

Fighting wars or dissenting in the streets.

Those boys who made it easy to spend an afternoon

With our bodies wrapped in sheets and music,

the taste of wine in our mouths and herbs on our breath.

I wouldn’t trade those boys for another past.

Those boys turned out well.
hose other boys, the ones who followed money

Dull boys, a chore to entertain,

Entitled, sometimes arrogant, always distracted by the world.

Those boys weren’t interesting or fun.

They buy their wives diamond tennis bracelets

And give their mistresses credit cards.

I'm glad I spent my youth with those boys

The artists and eccentrics

And not with those other boys.

Sunday, October 09, 2016

Last Stand of the Patriarchy & Return of the Mother Energy

The nation's leading misogynist, making a last stand for white supremacy and All That is Holy while he's at it, has been clashing with a warrior woman who has played a role on the world stage for feminism since her landmark speech, 'Women’s Rights Are Human Rights."

Anyone who thinks the first woman president will arise out of the pure ocean waters on a pearly clam shell, like the Brazilian Yemanja myth, is from Mars. Politics used to be called the art of compromise, which has become a dirty word. It shouldn't be. It's the knack of being reasonable to get the BIG THINGS done.

That Hillary might not have made nice with Bill's exes doesn’t phase me. I've gone crazy with white-hot fury in an affaire de coeuer once of twice. And Hillary had to go through betrayal in the public eye at the center of a political shit storm.

That information was presented to prove that she is not human.

But this isn't a bad thing. I don't want a president who is may have a fit of the vapors for personal reasons during World War III.

Trump is an old warrior,a relic of the days of the Playboy mansion, days that blessedly are no more. He is drunk on the grog of power and privilege that were his by birthright or so he has believed.

Mother Kali, dancing fiery circles around the bleary-eyed dying king of patriarch, blinds him with flaming swords of intelligence.

"How do you know this?" he mumbles, bewildered by the waning of his world.

Kali, the Indian goddess of destruction and creation, is no dingbat diety who wanders around the clouds in a diaphanous toga.

She wears a necklace of skulls. She makes and breaks civilizations. Robert Wilkinson writes, "The Part of Fortune is conjunct TransPluto on the degree of 'the liberating ordeal.' Divine Mother will be front and center tonight" at

This moment is a make-or-break moment in the history of one of the great experiments in democracy in human history.

I wrote most this a few days ago, before reading Wilkerson's analysis. Sometimes I seem to feel archetypal energies. I've been engaged with the feminist intellectual project since the Seventies, and archetypal studies since the Nineties. From my seat in the grandstand, this is a big playoff between Patriarchy and a New Feminized World Order.

If Hillary knows what good -- and I think she does -- she will incorporate Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren into her Administration in influential and visible ways.

Thursday, September 01, 2016

Trump Rallies: A Dangerous Method of Inciting Mob Mentality

Trump's actions, should he win the general election, will be constrained by the legislature and judicial branches of government, argue people anxious about his extreme immigration proposals.

How could a president of a constitutionally governed country seize control? When I say, "Let's review what happened in Weimar Germany," people object that conditions are not the same. This is whistling in the dark.

Fear Is the Only Condition that Matters

When people are scared, when they feel wronged, conditions are ripe for a demagogue strong-man to promise that he, and only he, can fix things.

People in Germany experienced runaway inflation and felt humiliated by the constraining terms of the World War I peace treaties. Hitler effectively used rallies and the new mass medium of radio to deflect these fears onto one group -- the Jews. Propaganda films visually likened them to rats.

This still works. Government-sponsored radio in Rwando incited hatred so successfully that neighbors went next door and killed people they'd known for years with machetes.

The imagery that time out was cockroaches.

Trump doesn't bother with analogies: "They're criminals. They're rapists." In the case of MidEasterners, they hate America.

Cult Leaders Isolate Their Followers

Like any cult leader, Trump isolates his followers. He alone is the truth-teller.

Illegal immigration and crime are much, much worse than the mass media state, Trump warns. Journalists are the "lowest form of humanity." He excludes respected news providers from his rallies.

Fox News reinforces this view.

The Mythos of Good Guys versus Bad Guys

He creates an ancient mythos in simple language: Good guys versus bad guys. The phrase is repeated many times.

From Westerns to space cowboys and beyond, from war movies to spy thrillers, good guys versus bad guys is an easy narrative to follow.

Narrative cannot be argued against with logic and reasoning. It is a different way of thinking about reality. The only way to combat the appeal of this message is with an equally or more engrossing story.

The Legitimization of Hate

Trump gives voice to ill feelings were previously inchoate and hidden in many people. He is legitimized by coverage on all major media outlets. He holds prime time hostage on news channels by scheduling his rallies at that time and gains coverage on the 11 o'clock news on from mainstream carriers.

More and more people are exposed to this white supremacists ideology and allow nagging racially-based resentments to rise to the surface. As the Trump phenomenon is legitimized, these beliefs become central to their outlook and sense of self.

Hitler fascinated with rallies that were spectacles of marching troops, book burnings, and visions of a once- and future-great Aryan race -- Trump's people, white America.

The Most Primitive Terrors Are Racially Based

However one may wish to gussy up fears of The Other in the guise of economic problems, these fears are rooted at a primitive level of terror – fear of the races blending. Miscegenation is a crime beyond contemplating for many Trump supporters, unless it's a white guy raping a black woman and denying offspring as his. Miscegenation laws were on the books during the lifetime of many people still living.

Racial fears are at a tipping point, because the white race will no longer be a majority of the USA population in a few decades. "We have to take our country back" is about whites taking the country back from The Other.

White people wake up with night sweats about this, as one multicultural analyst recently wrote.

The Spectacle of Rallies and Risky Shift Thinking

Fear this deep and primitive is aroused as Trump's mass rallies. Shoulder to shoulder with other rabidly screaming racists, I no longer have to hate my inner bigot.

Risky shift thinking is what allows people to commit unspeakable crimes that they might not perform alone. People egg each other to be ever more daring. Consider, for example, the eruption of street violence after sports matches and the ever-present fear that any protest gathering may result in rioting.

The rally is the genesis of the lynch mob. What was previously unthinkable becomes doable.

The fear called into being by the Republican candidate's lies includes economic hardship and hopelessness to be sure, but these real life problems are deflected onto The Other – Mexicans, MidEasterners, and Asians.

It is much easier to get rid of people than to solve the problems of economic dislocation of increasingly automatized and globalized commerce.

The relentlessness of the message is what made it possible, in Rwanda for example, for the bloody, face-to-face genocide of at least one half-million people.

It Can't Happen Here?

It can't happen here, right? Those were some crazy black people in Africa. Germany was a long time ago. The Bosnia-Serbian genocide, who the heck cares what happens over there?

It can't happen here. Reconsider, if you please. What kind of nation allows assault weapons to remain on sale, after we have seen innocent children murdered in their schools and colleges, time and time again?

What will happen when that heavily armed mob is at the door of a presumed illegal immigrant with their assault rifles? American shakes its collective head over loss of its children; we will be watching the latest antics of our president when the aliens are ushered by gunpoint into containment areas. Not camps, no never camps.

Separation of Power Is Not Protection

People put lipstick on this pig by arguing our three-part government can resist any insane or inane proposals from the White House. Let me return to those thrilling final days of the constitutionally legitimate Weimar Republic:

Hitler seized power in a series of steps. I am not going to rehearse these now, but it took eight years before he finally declared himself Ringmaster. The Weimar Republic was a place of art and science -- all anathema to the German racists constituted around Hitler. Do we not have science deniers even now?

Hitler's militia arrested government officials and influential journalists the first night he seized power.

No militia in the US, you say? Look for parallels, not replication.

American Militias: Ready, Armed, and Willing

NRA supporters yammer on about gun rights. The linchpin of their arguments is the Second Amendment to the Constitution guaranteeing that citizens can maintain armed militias. This is not a metaphor or an arcane reference.Oregon public land was held by the crackpot militia of Cliven Bundy just this year.

Groups of preppers are ready for any such exigency. Militia communities have been considered on the fringe. Until now.

Now we have at leas 30% of the population supporting Trumpism, many of them of armed, some of them armed to the teeth.

That number can do a great deal of harm to a pacifist 70%.

Moreover, white supremacist groups have wanted, for as long as I can remember, to foment a race war.

Hate crimes are up 14%, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Trickle-down racism is here, as Gov. Mitt Romney promised. I don't agree with most Republican ideas about governance. I salute the patriotism of the Republicans, including Romney, the Bushes, George Will, 50 bipartisan national security experts, and a host of other Republican and conservative credible figures, for denouncing Trump. I am not sure if they can be heard by the Trump loyalists who are too busy tuning into Fox News.

Wellspring of Hate Won't Stop Flowing After Election

Trumpism embodies a racist national zeitgeist that is ever lurking beneath the surface of our society. A primal instinct comes into play, the so-called reptilian brain. A demographic of working class men with privilege eroded -- and the women who love them – feel justified in making war against The Others as Trump barnstorms the country with rallies.

Pollsters and reporters suggest there may be a reservoir of secret Trump supporters. I believe it. Trump may be a guilty addiction.

It is a simple world of Good Guys and Bad Guys. It is the mythos overlaid with a mythos of white supremacy, nourished by lies and science denial. Even if Trump loses, the wellspring of hate that has been tapped is uuuuuge.