Thursday, November 02, 2017

Charming Trompe-L'œil in Jensen Beach, FL

These charming trompe-l'oeil paintings surrounded one building's facade and decorated others in a small business area.

The next shot is of a smaller building.
This pleasant vignette is complemented by two actual chairs. I can imagine someone sitting with a cafe au lait and newspaper, waiting for a fantasy lover to descend.
Finally, the front of the building in a long view. Jensen Beach has an attractive waterfront area, perfect for casual dining on a nice afternoon or evening. It's slightly north of Stuart, Florida.

Monday, December 19, 2016

Those Boys I Loved

Those boys with long legs and ready smiles and new beards

Those boys on the cusp of manhood, already there but too busy

Fighting wars or dissenting in the streets to notice.

Those boys who made it easy to spend an afternoon

With our bodies wrapped in sheets and music,

the taste of wine in our mouths and herbs on our breath.

I wouldn’t trade those boys for another past.

Those boys turned out well.

Those other boys, the ones who followed money

Dull boys, a chore to entertain,

Entitled, sometimes arrogant, always distracted by the world.

Those other boys weren’t interesting or fun.

They buy their wives diamond tennis bracelets

And give their mistresses credit cards.

I'm glad I spent my youth with those boys

The artists and eccentrics

And not with those other boys.

Sunday, October 09, 2016

Last Stand of the Patriarchy & Return of the Mother Energy

The nation's leading misogynist, making a last stand for white supremacy and All That is Holy while he's at it, has been clashing with a warrior woman who has played a role on the world stage for feminism since her landmark speech, 'Women’s Rights Are Human Rights."

Anyone who thinks the first woman president will arise out of the pure ocean waters on a pearly clam shell, like the Brazilian Yemanja myth, is from Mars. Politics used to be called the art of compromise, which has become a dirty word. It shouldn't be. It's the knack of being reasonable to get the BIG THINGS done.

That Hillary might not have made nice with Bill's exes doesn’t phase me. I've gone crazy with white-hot fury in an affaire de coeuer once or twice. And Hillary had to go through betrayal in the public eye at the center of a political shit storm.

That information was presented to prove that she is human.

But this isn't a bad thing. I don't want a president who is may have a fit of the vapors for personal reasons during World War III.

Trump is an old warrior, a relic of the days of the Playboy mansion, days that blessedly are no more [updated 12/6/2017 -- or at least being exposed with the #me too campaign]. He is drunk on the grog of power and privilege that were his by birthright or so he has believed.

Mother Kali, dancing fiery circles around the bleary-eyed dying king of patriarch, blinds him with flaming swords of intelligence.

"How do you know this?" he mumbles, bewildered by the waning of his world.

Kali, the Indian goddess of destruction and creation, is no dingbat diety who wanders around the clouds in a diaphanous toga.

She wears a necklace of skulls. She makes and breaks civilizations. Robert Wilkinson writes, "The Part of Fortune is conjunct TransPluto on the degree of 'the liberating ordeal.' Divine Mother will be front and center tonight" at

This moment is a make-or-break moment in the history of one of the great experiments in democracy in human history.

I wrote most this a few days ago, before reading Wilkerson's analysis. Sometimes I seem to feel archetypal energies. I've been engaged with the feminist intellectual project since the Seventies, and archetypal studies since the Nineties. From my seat in the grandstand, this is a big playoff between Patriarchy and a New Feminized World Order.

If Hillary knows what good -- and I think she does -- she will incorporate Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren into her Administration in influential and visible ways.