Monday, September 22, 2008

Mama Duck Saves Her Brood

This mother duck was quietly enjoying a lawn picnic with her ducklings when I happened by. Some were so comfortable, they were lying down while snacking on insects. The vigilant mama was distressed by the whirring-click of the camera.

She appears to be giving marching orders in this photo.

There they go. Mama conveyed the distinct impression that she is in a huff at how rude I was to interrupt their dinner with my clackety intrusion.

I felt guilty at disturbing this brood. It is late in the year to see Muscovy ducklings. Some South Floridians do not like the Muscovy ducks because of the wattles on their faces and the dirt they leave on the walkways. I am glad to see what I can of nature in our cityscapes.

Here is the catchment lake just a few yards from these ducks. There are many places for them to hide and sleep beneath the branches of trees and in the cattails.

These pine trees were stripped bare by hurricane Wilma in 2005. Even now, they have a strange, denuded appearance.


Sylvia K said...

Good to have you back! And I absolutely love your photos! I have a thing about ducks and use to frequent a pond near my apartment in Portland where I could sit and watch them. Thanks for the lovely pictures and text!

Dogwalkmusings said...

Oh, my! As wonderful as the photographs are, being there to take them is most enviable!