Friday, May 31, 2013

Storage Wars Barry Weiss: An Old Smoothie With A Great Tan and a Fast Quip

I watch Storage Wars (A & E) for one reason – Barry Weiss.

The millionaire produce broker and collector looks like he’s having the time of his life buying the contents of abandoned storage lockers.

Most of the regulars on Storage Wars own resale stores, but according to Wikipedia, this is just a hobby for Weiss.

Tanned and silver-haired, Weiss is a smooth-talking quick-witted Man of the World in the style of George Hamilton, and Cary Grant, and with just a touch of swashbuckling Douglas Fairbanks.

One of his priceless remarks as one shop owner snapped up several lockers, “He’s bidding like he makes a living doing this.”

Barry showed up for the 2013 Fall premiere with two attractive blonds young enough to be his daughters: the Auction Angels.

“Barry must have a new shipment of Cialis,” quipped Brandy, a show regular with her husband Jarrod.

The director, a personal friend of Weiss who asked him to join the project when the show was in the planning stage -- used the Charlie’s Angels theme intercut with the familiar silhouette images from the popular Seventies show, and ended with the women -- and Barry -- shaking their manes like high-priced fashion models. Or Hollywood babes.

Barry Weiss is popular with female fans, young and old (Wikipedia). And why not? Weiss has found fame in his 60s for being himself. Who wouldn’t like that.

When Barry lost only a few hundred dollars for the purchase of one locker, he said, “I’ll count that as a win.”

It’s easy to believe he has lost as much at the gaming tables in Vegas.

When he won a storage locker with a quilt draped over the contents, he quipped, “I’ve paid more than that to peek under the blanket.”

I’d certainly let him unbuckle my swash.

Barry Weiss deserves his own show; he’s a heck of a lot more fun and less pompous that Doctor Pill, er I mean Phil.

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