Sunday, January 08, 2012

Stroll Along Las Olas and Admire the Sights for Cheap Fort Lauderdale Things-to-Do

One of my favorite Fort Lauderdale things-to-do is to walk around the Las Olas Boulevard area.

This tropical paradise is someone's back yard, just off one of the numerous canals that crisscross the section of the city designed to be the Venice of the United States.

A modern apartment building with spacious balconies overlooking one of the navigable canals -- and therefore prime real estate.

The Cadillac Villa is a well-known example of Mid-Century modern style.

It was on the market a year or so ago and may have changed ownership. This strikes fear in the hearts of those of us who love this old Florida style that a modern high-rise could all too soon spring up in its place.

This blue aluminum tree in an upstairs window of the Cadillac Villa strikes exactly the right decorating note for the Christmas-New Year season. This time of year is so popular with visitors that it is simply called The Season down here.

The habit began when Palm Beach and Miami were winter retreats for the fabulously wealthy. A round of gala fund-raisers, balls, and polo matches began that comprise The Season.

Now, it is co-opted by the tourism trade as that time of year that brings in the largest portion of that industry's income.

Another darling mid-century modern low-rise condo. It is in the Isle of Venice and Hendricks Isle area off Las Olas Boulevard.

A canal becomes a boat parking lot yet evokes serenity for those fortunate enough to have this view.

Interesting architecture of a newer grand home that contrasts the curved line of the roof with the angles of the windows and patios.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for this post! I'm visiting Ft. Lauderdale next week and I'm inspired now to walk around and see the wonderful architecture and canals.