Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Delray Beach, Christmas Fantasy, Great Restaurants: Fort Lauderdale Things to Do

Delray Beach is one of several sea-side towns that offer quaint charm a pleasant drive from Fort Lauderdale.

A Winter Festival was being celebrated when I visited last weekend.

The many restaurants were decked out in holiday finery. After enjoying the rare treat of raw oysters, I sauntered over to the village square where Santa was holding court.

A snow machine had produced some of the white stuff for children, disappearing by the time I arrived.

Two young blades were testing their skills on the ice. From their dress and moves, I suspected they were more at home on skateboards on cement.

A horse of a different color invites visitors into Ted's desert and gift emporium.

Ted's is a feast for the eyes, as well as a treasury for your sweet tooth. This photo looks in from the door.

Christmas trees, glittering with decorations, seemed to be everywhere.

Bits of holiday cheer popped up in surprising places -- here, a mermaid in Mrs. Santa suit on shelves with candy gifts, top right.

Santa turns up on a vintage coffee sign -- itself tucked surprisingly among fishy wall art.

Santa in a gold suit goes sailing.

Santa draws attention to glittery gifts.

Two huge glass chandeliers of blown glass were exceptional works of art.

When you visit Fort Lauderdale and are looking for things to do, rent a car and take a drive to see some of the seaside towns.

Delray Beach, with its plentiful restaurants, is a pleasant spot for brunch, lunch, or dinner. Next further north is Lake Worth, which also has some exceptional luncheon spots, at least two with French themes. Last if you want to continue driving northward, quiet Stuart is worth seeing.

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