Thursday, June 03, 2010

Your local library is a good place to find fashion-advice-for-women, discover how to choose figure-flattering clothes, learn about style categories and all about chic. Attendance at the nation's estimated 122,566 libraries is sharply up during these recessionary times.

But I'm guessing that most fashionistas don't jump at a chance to shop there.

True style is about more than snagging the latest bargains. An important first step in looking like a superstar is figuring out what looks best on you.

This is especially true for the over-50 woman. A fashion misstep that is naively cute on a young woman can be a fashion disaster for us.

Your local library is a good place to find fashion advice for women because:
  • Biographies of chic women and clothing designers can help you discover a style that is uniquely yours.
  • Much of the best fashion photography is not available online.
  • You'll save money by borrowing books, rather than buying them. Many libraries subscribe to women's magazines that now cost $7 and up at the news stand.
  • Books show how to systematically develop a wardrobe and buy figure-flattering clothes; magazines offers only a pastiche of new things to buy with little information about how you can weave these purchases into a look that is right for you.
In summary, don't overlook your local library as a source of fashion advice for women. You may be pleasantly surprised at just how much is there for you to enjoy.

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