Saturday, May 22, 2010

New Fabrics Created at Nexus of Nanotechnology and Biotechnology

I started researching fabrics and fabrics, such as environmentally-friendly cotton blends.

Now, smart fabrics and wearable technologies are creating textiles that will help heal wounds and build bones. Self-cleaning fabric also is in development.

We already have cloth that kills germs, wicks away sweat, resists odors, and provides sunscreen protection. Some experimental products have allowed wearers to hear their MP3 players wirelessly.

My interest is more at the level of sensual and appreciation.

I still love walking through a fabric store -- even though I do not sew except for the occasional curtain -- to savor the riot of colors and textures.

A walk through a craft store that displays handmade papers is another of my own personal nature walks.

I regret the loss of the thick, plush cotton velvets of my youth. On the other hand, the new engineered velvets drape better, are shinier, and more lightweight to wear.

All innovation produces a touch of nostalgia for those of us who are old enough to have a past to remember. But the benefits of smart fabrics, especially as more environmentally friendly manufacturing processes are developed, are almost magical in their potentials.

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