Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Web Jewels: Five Places to Find Outstanding Beauty and Creativity on the Internet

Sometimes it’s fun to go on an online walkabout to discover something new and fun. My most recent adventure was to find websites that I found creative or beautiful. Here are five discoveries.

Alicia Paulson writes that she likes to make things. She writes about all kinds of things on her blog Posie Gets Cozy and also has a website in her name where she shows things she makes.

The photography is bright and cheerful. The crafts are colorful and, well, cozy. If you are looking for cutting edge trends, this may not be the site for you.

If you’d like an afternoon pick-me-up of eye candy instead of empty calories, stop by and get cozy with Posie.

Lonny Magazine is a complete online full-color magazine about home decorating.

There are interviews, decorating tips, and delicious photos. The current issue features an article about how to get organized and stay that way.

I am impressed that a publication of this quality is available free online.

Treat yourself to an hour perusing the pages of Lonny Magazine.

Forgotten Treasurez is a storefront.

It does not, perhaps, belong in the same category as Posie Gets Cozy or Lonny Mag. It is beautifully organized by artist – almost a sophisticated online gallery more than just a trashy storefront littered with thumbnail photos.

From Cezanne to Renoir, you will find an alphabetized list of artists, some of whose work may be affordable.

Kim, of Today’s Creative Blog writes that, “I'm just a crafty, over protective mom who teaches fitness. Be sure to check out the March 3, 2010 entry about a remodeled cottage. Topnotch stuff.

The High Street Market has good photos, short entries, and is more toward the clean, urban, trend-setting esthetic.

It’s a good place to visit if you want to know what the city folk are doing with creative design.

The next time you need a dose of beauty, color, and style, walkabout the World Wide Web and visit these or find some sources of inspiration all your own.

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