Saturday, January 30, 2010

Testimonial to

I am perhaps my own best customer at No, I do not get to order through the affiliate links on Fashion After 50; that’s unethical.

Time and again, responds promptly and with courtesy. I have been one hundred percent satisfied with every transaction.

For example, late last year my primary laptop died. I had been downloading tunes, and I forgot to include one CD on the transfer. Amazon is allowing a free second download to the netbook I have dedicated for this purpose.

I have returned books for no reason other than upon inspection, the book was not what I had thought it would be.

I like to support local merchants, and I sometimes pay a premium price to do so. Immediacy and commercial engagement with our community businesses also is important.

Sometimes, what we want or need is not readily available locally. Buying from a gargantuan and seemingly distant source may reasonably prompt concerns about cold indifference, harsh return policies, and long waits for refunds. So far, my dealings with has been flawless.

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