Wednesday, April 01, 2009

The Bleak Look of Recession
Fort Lauderdale, Florida, 2009

This cement wasteland was a bustling new and used car dealership near the heart of Fort Lauderdale. Cars whisk past on busy Sunrise Boulevard, heading toward the upscale Galleria Mall, just a few blocks away. Strip malls and businesses line this six-lane highway, some starving more quickly than others. These photos depict a panorama. Below, I am looking directly east, toward the Galleria Mall and ocean.

This view also faces east. The vast showrooms, guarded now by chain-link fencing, are a bleak memorial to American's economic distress.

The photo below faces north, directly in front of where I was standing at one-time entrance to the facility.

Facing west, the cement graveyard of the auto industry stretches many blocks in both directions.

This pile of rubble was a decorative island for plantings, on the fancy cobblestone drive into the auto dealership.

It hurts the heart to see the decay, the far-stretching emptiness of an economic boneyard such as this.


June Saville said...

No need for words with those photographs ...
Is the recession biting throughout your community?
In Australia we're only just realising that we are about to suffer too. We had hoped to escape, but the world is too small these days ...

By the way I've posted the final episode of 'Paternity' on Journeys on Creative Writing today. I think you were following the story?

Dogwalkmusings said...

Those photos are eerie! Reminds me of the final scene from "On the Beach"! At least it isn't from nuclear war!