Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Downsize Christmas

Christmas is in need of serious downsizing. Political comic commentator Lewis Black asks, "When did Christmas become about shopping?"

Then there is the silliness: the war against Christmas by stores who asked employees to say "Happy holidays" instead of Merry Christmas, so not to Jews and other non-Christians. An airport took down its Christmas trees when a rabbi asked that a menorah be added. Then the airport put them back up when the rabbi backed down from a lawsuit.

Downsize the whole holiday. Take down the tacky Christmas trees. End the holiday shopping binge, the high expectations for perfect family gatherings in our dysfunctional families, and restore a quiet focus on religion, family, and community.

Christmas needs some serious downsizing.


Anonymous said...

End the legalized tax-evasion of religious establishments and all this "War on Christmas" crap will dissolve from the media and American society.

Anonymous said...

You sound like one of those godless liberals. Your kind is destroying this country.

Anonymous said...

America was based on Christianity. Christianity is what gives our nation its sense of morality and purpose. Yes, Christmas has become commercialized, but this is not the fault of good Christians. It is a tawdry marketing ploy designed by unscrupulous corporations who have no respect for the teachings of Christ.

God bless America.