Sunday, June 21, 2009

Donald Trump Dumpster-Diving
in Trash Bin of Popular Culture

Just when I think that Donald Trump could not possibly do anything more tasteless, trashy, bombastic, or self-promoting than he’s already done, the guy finds a new way to delve into the trash bin of popular culture.

After buying World Wrestling’s Monday Night RAW program, Trump is all over the airwaves boasting about how now things will be done his way. Okay, wrestling fans, perhaps I am not appreciative enough of this popular culture entertainment. After all, even French semiotician and egghead extraordinaire Roland Barthes analyzed wrestling back in the 1970s.

Critics are saying that the purchase of this successful TV franchise is one more proof of Trump’s Midas touch. But no one ever said Midas was a nice guy, certainly not his daughter who turned into a golden statue when he touched her. Too bad Trump isn’t as similarly mute.